My Normal

Why is it ‘normal’ to hate Mondays, to live for the weekends and to need a holiday?

I grew up hearing the adults around me complain about their jobs and about money. I grew up thinking that being an adult must be absolutely awful, so much to worry about, so much to stress over. It actually made me feel apprehensive about turning 18! It was strange, as if I expected all these issues to suddenly pop into my life as soon as I blew out the candles. But, of course, nothing like that happened. 

I realise now that being an adult doesn’t have to be like that, not if I don’t want it to. It’s my life, and I can choose to live it however I wish. I want to wake up on Mondays feeling excited and happy. I want to live not just for the weekends, but for every day, hour, minute! I want my gratitude to overpower my complaining and I want to live a life of which I don’t feel the need to escape from.

My normal.



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