America. It seems everyone has an opinion of this country before even setting foot there. I mean, the media is full of America; American actors, films, songs, models, writers. It’s hard not to have an opinion. For me, it was the nation to go to ‘make it big’, a self-reliant nation, different to anywhere else in the world and mostly, if you were American, you were proud to be.

Four weeks took us from the Sunshine State to Vegas and San Francisco to the City of Angels before a final stop in the Big Apple..

So here are some of my favourite photos from my first trip to America, maybe they'll inspire you to go too!


Places visited
- Walt Disney World Parks; Magical Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios
- Downtown Disney
- Universal Studios
- Nasa Kennedy Space Centre

Las Vegas

Places visited
The Grand Canyon
- The Stratosphere
- Various hotels and casinos along the strip, including; Caesar's Palace and The Bellagio
- Downtown Las Vegas and The Mob Museum

The view from the Venetian Hotel of its pool and The Mirage Hotel across the road.

San Francisco

Places visited
The Golden Gate Bridge
- Fisherman's Wharf
- Alcatraz
- Pier 39
- San Francisco Cable Car Museum
- Chinatown
- Ghirardelli Square
- Ride on a Cable Car

Los Angeles

Places Visited
- Hollywood; Walk of fame, the Hollywood Sign, Chinese and Dolby Theatres
- Warner Bros Studios
- Beverly Hills
- Venice

(that pollution tho)

New York City 

Places visited
- The Statue of Liberty
- Times Square
- Empire State building
- Central Park
- Wall Street and Broadway
- Brooklyn - Manhattan skyline
- Harlem

"Tourists are usually found looking down at their map or up at the tall skyscrapers"

America, you have captured my heart. Thank you for having me.



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    1. Love this! obviously you had so much fun! Hope Merica treated you well! :D


    2. Thank you! And yeah it was amazing :D

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