Toe - Weave Bracelets

Toe weaving is a simple and easy-to-learn way to make your own bracelets with just yourself and some thread required!
It's such a relaxing way to to spend a lazy summers day...


How To: Toe - Weave Bracelets

1. Cut four pieces of thread to about 80-85cm in length.

2. Tie the ends together so that you have a loop.

3. Loop it around one of your big toes, so that the knot is on the bottom/back of your toe.

4. Separate the strings to the first three fingers of your left hand and the middle finger of your right hand.

5. You will use your forefinger of your right hand to weave; go over, under, over, under, over, the threads on your left hand...

6....and pull the last thread back through.

You should now have a thread around your right forefinger, but you need to keep that finger free, so switch fingers by moving the threads along - i.e. the threads on the middle finger goes to the third finger and the thread on the forefinger goes to the middle finger.

7. Use your right forefinger to go through the thread on your left hand again, still starting with going over the first thread then pulling the last the last thread back through.
Pull to tighten.

Now we're going to switch hands.
Free your left forefinger by moving the thread to the middle finger.

8. This time however, we're going to start by going under the first thread then over the next and so on...

 ...then, again, pull the last thread back through.

 9. Free your left forefinger then start weaving, again starting by going under the first thread then pulling the last thread back through.

Free your right forefinger and you're back at the beginning!

Repeat these steps till you can't really fit your fingers through to weave anymore and tie the end in a knot.

Now you can experiment!
Try different colour combinations or see what happens with more than four strings...or less than four strings or adding beads and charms...

Happy Weaving! 





  1. Bracelets and anklets are my favourite! SO GOOD! I love making them as presents too :) thanks for sharing this, I'm gonna give it a go hehe
    Grace x

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Ahh I loove anklets, they're so fun to make, let me know how it goes! :))x

  2. Oh wow I remember doing this when I was a bit younger, these are so fun and I was fanatical about getting the perfect colour combos :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Haha yeah I think I'm starting to get a bit addicted... :)

  3. What type of string is best for doing this? Is cross stitch string better or yarn?

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