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As an aspiring travel photographer, it's safe to say I was very excited when I came across the app 'Polagram'!
The lovely people at Polagram very kindly sent me a product of my choice to test out...

What is Polagram?

Launched in Paris in 2012, Polagram is the first European app to provide a wide range of photo products to mobile phone users. (Meaning, you can basically print photos from your phone!)
This free-to-download app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, is currently available in the following languages; French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

Their Products?

It is an app, which means you can choose photos directly from your phone's camera roll or even from any online accounts you may have, like Facebook or Instagram. You are able to re-position and resize these photos as well as having the option to add text underneath the photo.

Of course, the photo editing is done after having chosen one of their products.

Here's what they offer...

Lovely Prints

Polagram offer Vintage Polastyle Prints which are 4 x 4.7"
                          Classic Prints: 4 x 4"
                          Regular Prints: 4 x 6"

They are priced at £0.29 per print.

Large Prints 

in the form of Classic Square: 8 x 8"
                    or Regular Prints: 8 x 10.6"

These are priced at £1.99 each.

Gift Boxes

This is the product I tested.

Their gift boxes hold 36 prints which are sized 4 x 4.7" and it costs £12.69 per gift box.

Just tap to select the photos you want...

The gift box itself is so cute! It's lid is a simple design with doodle - like images of differently coloured leaves and in the centre, an image representative of a label saying,
" From:
Your Past
Forever "
which tops a plain black coloured bottom.
The card material used for the box is strong and of good quality, I can certainly trust that my photos will be safe inside.


The posters are made up of 35 photos printed on thick paper
of the size 19.7 x 27.5" and priced at £16.90 each.
The photos are presented in a mosaic style, in 5 columns and 7 rows.


Polagram's photobooks have a hard cover and 26 pages inside. It is one photo per page, therefore 26 photos in total,
each sized 8.2 x 8.2"
The cover of the book showcases 9 of your photos (you can choose which), as well as the option to add a title to your photobook, which is printed beneath the photos and on the spine of the book. 
They cost £19.90 each.


A 400g white side canvas mounted on a wooden handmade frame comes
in the 'Classic' size 12 x 12" at a price of £34.90.


If you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4, then you are able to order a scrath resistant plastic phone case with a glossy finish personalised with, of course, one of your own photos from your phones camera roll. They cost £19.90 each.


Polagram have recently announced that this new product will be available when an updated version of their app is next released. This will mean that when  you're off traveling the world, you can keep your loved ones up to date with a personalised postcard!

Look at that shine!

Fujifilm archive supreme quality photo paper is used for all prints which is what gives them that lovely glossy finish. Once you're happy with you order (make sure that you are completely happy with it because, due to fast production, you won't be able to alter your order after it has been placed), you can then pay securely by credit card or with Paypal.


After being placed, orders are shipped with 24-72 hours, depending on the product.

Lovely Prints; Shipped next day (Monday to Friday)
Large Prints; Shipped next day (Monday to Friday)
Gift Boxes; Shipped next day (Monday to Friday)
Posters; Shipped within 48 hours
Photobooks; Shipped within 72 hours
Cases; Shipped within 48 hours

I received a confirmation email the next day notifying me that my order had been shipped. There is also an option to track your order.
My order came 7 days after placing it which I think is pretty good as that included a Bank Holiday.
And it was sent from Germany.

They offer worldwide shipping which is just awesome because you can surprise a special someone on the other side of the world with say a gift box full of pretty photos or a calendar full of stunning snaps; the order also coming with a a cute personal message!

Plus,  with Polagram, you can earn credits; when you place an order, you will receive a referral code with which your referee will get two credits off their first order.

To sum up...

Well, you can probably tell from the tone of my writing that I like this app. A lot. I have so many special memories in digital photo form on my phone's camera roll and it's so amazing to be able to actually hold them in my hand! The quality of the photo paper Polagram use is beautiful, it really enhances the clarity of the images. The team behind Polagram really seem to understand this market and are so obviously passionate about their product, I feel they've most certainly put customers first. Because of this, I think the prices are extremely reasonable because you're getting a quality product.

Aside from some discrepancies between the website and the app - the site includes a calendar in their product list but no canvases, whereas it's the other way around on the app - the app is straight forward and easy to use. It's convenience, in that it's an app, is great, it means that when you're on your travels all over the world, you can ease the holiday blues a little because when you get back, you could have a package full of your holiday snaps already waiting for you!

Not only was the product (very much) to my liking, but the team behind Polagram are lovely, so friendly and helpful. I'm feeling very encouraged to keep ordering from Polagram... my crystal ball is showing my bedroom wall completely covered with polastyle prints...maybe a few canvases too...



  1. So cute! Anything where photos are involved with I automatically love! Will have to check this out :)

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  2. This is awesome :) I'm always printing photos for my albums and scrapbooks because I don't trust my PC to store them, and I LOVE Polaroids!! :) will definitely get the app! x

    ♥.•*¨ AmandaSays ¨*•.♥

    1. It'll suit you well then :) It's just so convenient! x

  3. Great review! I've been loving Facetune.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Thanks Erin! I haven't heard of Facetune but I'll be sure to check it out :)