It's okay not to be okay

I acknowledge the fact that I am responsible for how I feel.
But nonetheless that doesn't mean that I am in an amazingly positive mood 24/7.


Our emotions are raw (and obvious) indicators for whether or not things in our lives are going the way we want. If I am happy, I’m obviously living in a way or focusing on aspects of my life that makes me so. If I’m sad, there’s something I am doing (or not doing) or am focusing on, which is making me feel sad.
By listening to my true emotions, as opposed to brushing it off and pretending to be happy, I can actually do something about it, change the way I’m doing something or change the way I’m perceiving it to take myself to a more positive place with regards to that part of my life. 

I can use this emotion or the experience which brought me that feeling in the first place, to determine something I don’t want to do again, something I need to change or something that needs healing.
It's a clear, powerfully useful insight into ourselves that can really help us grow and evolve.

This may sound obvious, but there was once a time where I didn't realise this. I saw emotions as pointless because crying over something wouldn't change the situation. I didn't at the time value the perspective that shadow emotions can give you. And that perspective is crucial to your quality of life.

So, give yourself some time to relax, put some music on and breathe it all out, or invest in a punching bag, down-dog it on your yoga mat, blast your favourite tunes, binge watch tv all day or talk it all out!
The only way to release the feeling, let it go, get rid of it properly is to actually take time to let yourself feel it!
Only when I feel I’ve fully felt it, I note what made me feel like that and consciously find a version that I prefer instead before making myself feel better.
Do bear in mind though that this not-so-great feeling will likely come back time and time again for many different reasons. It's natural! But don't let that discourage you because you can learn to embrace it, to let it empower you.

This darkness is simply there to help you to see a light you couldn't see before.



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