Smile Your Way to Success

What do you want? What do your imagine yourself having, owning? How do you imagine yourself living, and feeling?

Whatever it is, I can guess one thing, the reason you want it, is because you feel you will be happier with it.
Am I right?

You could say, that once you get it - whether it be a car, house, family, abs, a plane ticket - you will be successful. Or, at least, more successful than you are now. 
The main reason anyone ever wants something is for the happiness it'll bring them..and, so, more success would equal more happiness? 

What if I told you more happiness equals more success?
That in order to be successful, you must first feel the happiness that the success will bring.
What if I said that success doesn't have to come from hard graft and sleepless nights, but can also come from activities you find fun, feeling good and a positive attitude?
You may be failing to see my logic, so let me just ask you this, if you are already feeling as happy as you would be with your success, then aren't you already successful?

What you focus on is what you bring more of into your life.
Have you ever gone on a diet or tried going without chocolate for a month, and suddenly, everywhere you look there's chocolate! Have you ever bought a new car and suddenly you see everyone driving that same car!
The same goes for feelings. You've most likely seen quotes saying something like 'positive mind, positive life' - it's true! If you focus on the feeling that the success will bring, and you start letting yourself feel it now as you work towards it, your perspective will mean more things will make you feel that way, or keep you feeling that way. So, for example, if your success will bring you a sense of freedom, start letting yourself feel free now, and more things you'll attract into your life that make you feel free...
(including, of course, that original goal...)

Trust me, it's really that simple.

"You are already a success, anything extra is a bonus"
- Joel Annesley

Quick edit: When you're pursuing your passion, you will inevitably be vulnerable, and that of course means you won't always be super happy and excited - you may well need to face your demons, learn to listen to the criticism of others without letting it dampen your self-confidence and become adept at picking yourself up again after rejection. So when I say, let yourself feel happy/successful/free now, I don't mean deny your genuine feelings. I simply mean, try not to let external factors, in this case, your (ever-changing) goals, be intrinsic to your happiness. There's a great summary of a TED Talk about this here.



  1. I'm a big fan of this philosophy. We become what we think about. The better you feel, the better the things you attract into your life will be. Absolutely right, Vanisha! We need to make more of an effort to be happy with what we already have and adopt an attitude of gratitude ;) x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. I completely agree Amanda, feeling grateful is key :)x

    2. So true, ladies! Thoughts are like seeds of our mind! If you plant them right you can harvest the wonderful benefits of life!! Very wise written, Vanisha! You've very inspiring, my dear! Thank you for that!!! <3

      xoxo Ira

    3. Thank YOU Ira! I'm happy you liked it, and I love the way you put that, 'thoughts are like seeds', It's so true! <3

  2. What a great post, I agree with you points. xx


  3. YESSSS! Loving this. Such a nice, positive post to read at 7am on a thursday morning haha

    Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Haha! Glad you liked it, inspiring people at 7am on a thursday is something i aim to do ;)x