Chia Naturally Healthy| A Vegan Cafe

Tuesday last week, we decided to try out the new 'plant based health and superfood cafe', Chia Naturally Healthy,  which had recently opened up near us, in Hitchin. They serve all day breakfast and lunch from 11am as well as a variety of smoothies, juices, coffees and teas. Oh, and of course, a few gorgeous treats for dessert.
It's the first cafe of that type around here and I've never actually visited such a cafe before so I was really looking forward to trying it out!

Initially I wasn't going to make a blog post out of our visit, so I don't have as many pictures as I would have usually, but the food was so good I had to write about it. My friend actually said to me, if I didn't, she'd make her own blog just so she could haha!

So, this is where my English lessons on describing come in handy...

Outside there is writing on a tall chalk board and the most adorable little tree in the cutest metal bucket type of pot which was bought from Covent Garden and which I absolutely must hunt down.

The cafe is a small one, a tall, wooden table with stools by the cafe front window, and straight opposite the door, is the wooden, er, front desk? Where the till is, and there are various vegan snacks like chocolate, flapjacks and chewing gum on display for sale beside it.

On the front of the 'front desk', is the word 'CHIA', spelt out in large metal letters of different colours - grey and copper,  which are filled with small, lit light bulbs.

The exposed brick walls on the left have three chalk boards with the drinks menu for smoothies, juices and organic coffees and teas, handwritten on. Behind the 'front desk', is a doorway leading to the kitchen. 
On the right, before the stairs, is a fridge full of healthy drinks, including young coconuts.

There is an arrow pointing to more seating upstairs. The stairs are carpeted, a little steep, and the hand rail is (so cool) a thick rope knotted at various points - so that it's hand rail role is actually effective. Up the stairs, there is the cutest room for extra seating to the left. The walls are painted white, with various wooden beams running across some parts. There are three wooden tables in total, with, I think six chairs, as well as two, very comfy, armchairs.
In the corner is a table displaying various healthy eating books, and above that hangs the most gorgeous light fitting consisting of five mason jars housing a bright, but warm light bulb each, hanging at different heights. There are few shelves, with jars filled with dried foods for decoration and my gosh, even the window was beautiful - and it let in the most gorgeous natural light, yay for the photo taker! The corner opposite where we were sitting, had a fireplace filled with logs and a mirror above it.
The lighting and those armchairs definitely balanced out the cold feel of the walls, bringing a cosiness to the room. We all instantly felt as though we were in London somewhere - well really anywhere but home, it was like it's own little world in there.



We spent a while getting to know the entire menu before settling on two Wholemeal Roasted Vegetable Wraps, one Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad with Citrus Pesto and a Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad, alongside a Lemongrass and Ginger Tea, a Ginger Shot and a Vitamin Water (infused with fresh fruit).
Sounds bloody good, doesn't it? And after first taking a few photos, I can say that, well, it tasted even better...



I only tried a roasted pepper and a bit of the wrap bread because I think I'm allergic to avocado - the last time I ate it, It was the third time and I was kinda testing to see if I was and, let's put it this way, it tested positive...but the pepper and wrap was really nice!

The pasta was delicious my goodness, all the flavours went together beautifully. But my favourite was definitely my Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad, um, can I just have that everyday for the rest of my life please?

We decided dessert was a must and went for two Brownies, a Chocolate Chia Pudding and a Chocolate Flavoured Banana 'Nice' Cream.

 The Brownies were so rich and yummy, I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate anyway but it wasn't too strong to put off those who aren't. The Nice Cream was made of frozen bananas, like  I attempted making this summer, but wow, this was so much more creamy and thick!
This was my first time trying Chia Seeds. They are so amusing, like jelly but seeded. The flavour was gorgeous but personally, I couldn't eat the whole pot just like that. I saved some to add to my porridge the next morning which gave it such a yummy, subtle chocolate taste with a slight crunch; so I'd probably get that again just so I could bring it home for breakfast haha! 

The beautiful food and gorgeous decor was complimented by the friendliest of staff/owners and the whole placed had a very chilled vibe. If you're ever exploring North Hertfordshire, I'd definitely recommend popping in!



  1. It looks really nice!! I have never been in a Vegan Cafe, sounds lovely!
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    Let me know and keep in touch! xxx
    Instagram @travelera.es

  2. This place looks so cozy, and the food looks amazing...beautiful photos!


    1. Thank you! It was so lovely and homely there :)) x

  3. The food looks incredible but what I love about this place is how cosy and home-y it looks! Very cool. Definitely a must-visit.

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Yes! It was so so cosy! I think that's what made the whole experience, you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in, as if you're eating round a friend's house, so lovely :)) x

  4. Love the raw beauty of it, really inviting, Vanisha. The food looks amazing! I'm also a huge fan of dark choclate as well. Tempting for the brownies now! :) Adorable review, Vanisha! So nice how enthusiastic you wrote about it, dear! <3

    xoxo Ira

    1. It is, it compliments the food so well. Dark chocolate is awesome. God those brownies were so good, must find a recipe to try a recreate them! Thank you, my lovely X

  5. Dark chocolate has a lot of great benefits, so I can't wait for your recipe, Vanisha! <3 I'm sure they were absolutely delicious!! ;)


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