Henna For Beginners

If you follow me on Insta, you will have likely seen that I've been getting into henna recently.
I love it! Natural, temporary body art. Great for someone who changes her mind way too often to commit to one tattoo design...
Coming from the shrub, henna has been used to decorate bodies for various social and holiday celebrations since the Bronze age! Henna cones are very cheap and widely accessible, if you don't have any shops that you know of that sell it, there are plenty of options online. 

So, you've got your henna, now what?
Well, thank goodness you've clicked on this post, because I'm going to show you some simple henna designs you can do, my fellow inexperienced human

Also, don't worry if your lines aren't perfect, mine sure aren't, it's a form of art, expression and creativity, no such thing as perfect there ;)


Basic Flower Design 1

Flowers are one of the most popular designs, symbolising joy and happiness.

 Start off with a simple spiral.

 Add small petals around it.

 Then add bigger petals around the outside,
almost square in shape and with a dip in the middle.

 Outline again the top of those bigger petals again, so it's a double line at the top.

Add dots in the middle of the smaller petals.

Add shading in the bigger petals- add dots and smudge them slightly,  as well as various sized dots outside the flower if you wish.

Basic Flower Design 2

Based on this.
This one looks slightly more complicated but it's very simple when you break it down...

- Start off with a small circle, then add small petals around it.
- Draw a larger circle surrounding that.
- Then draw small, slightly elongated petals around the circle.
- Add bigger teardrop-shaped petals around that.
- Then fill in the middle of those larger petals a little.

- I then thickened one side of each of the larger petals and added stripes to the other side of it.

Moon based on a design here

Basic Peacock Design

Based on this.
I was originally looking for some sort of a feather design but instead I found this adorable peacock design!
Peacock henna designs symbolise beauty.

Start off with a spiral, like with the first flower, but this time, 
with the bottom flattened out a little.

Add little petals around the spiral, except on the flattened edge.

Er, copy this shape ^

...and add a small spiral, then two curved lines above the petals.

Draw a line from the right side of the peacock and across to the back of the spiral,
filling in the gap between that line and the edge of the peacock with stripes or crosses.

Leaving a gap between them and the previously drawn line, draw petal-like circles above the curved line...
...that sounds more complicated than it is, thank goodness for pictures, hey?

On top of the peacock's head, draw two spirals coming off.

Add a cute little curved beak!

 I then thickened some of the lines, the one at the bottom and around the top of the head.

 Leave the henna on for at least an hour, the longer you leave it on, the stronger the colour will be.
Dabbing lemon juice on top will also help enhance the colour.

Then simply wash it off with warm soapy water.

(It will look orange at first, then fade into a darker brown)
As you can probably tell, I like to doodle my own kinda thing....

Happy Henna-ing!



  1. This is so, so cool. I wish I could do that!

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thanks Naomi! Sure you can! Just get some henna and start doodling.. :)) x

  2. Ahh, how beautiful is that, Vanisha! Love this kind of body-art!! I'm dreaming of trying Henna during a holiday in Marocco for example. :) Yours turned superb, dear!!

    xoxo Ira

    1. Thank youu! It's awesome isn't it? Holiday vibes are strong with this! ;) X