The Science Behind 'Good Vibes'

The phrases 'Good vibes only' or 'Bitch, don't kill my vibe' have slowly become part of the norm; it's no longer 'cool' to say it, it's normal to. To me, when I first heard the phrase, something like three years ago? It made complete sense, resonated really well with me, but that was only because my aunt had told me about the law of attraction, if she hadn't have, I don't think I'd have completely understood it.

But as they say, you don't fully understand something until you can explain it effectively. So, I'm going to try and do just that by delving a little deeper to answer the question, 'what is the science behind 'good vibes'?'

Let's start with thoughts in general. Your perception changes your reality. Your thoughts change your reality. Say you're on a diet, what are you thinking of? The fact that you can't eat chocolate or cakes or whatever you're cutting out, so what do you see more of all of a sudden? You've bought a new car, suddenly you see that same car everywhere. It's because your focus is on those things, and so you attract them into your reality and notice them there. February last year, after a particularly bad - in terms of what I ate - Christmas, I decided to go no chocolate for a month. Then it was everywhere. We don't usually have chocolate in the house, but now we did. In college my friends were offering me their chocolate (a rarity) - before I'd even said anything about my no chocolate month. My first French lesson back, someone had brought in brownies. I'm not saying they brought in brownies because I was thinking about not having chocolate per say, but the experiences where I could have chocolate, or where I was around chocolate, are what was attracted and I only recognised it as that because I was focusing on chocolate and not being able to have any. If you weren't focusing on the thing you're focusing on, you wouldn't notice it. I didn't take a brownie, but I only lasted one more week. After that, chocolate seemed to become less evident in my reality, I noticed it less.
So, what you focus on changes your reality, changes your view of the world. But vibes go a little deeper...

Science has actually proven that our thoughts give off energy. Have you ever seen those games where you move a ball using your mind? I've actually tried it once - and can I just say I absolutely smashed it - where there was a ball between two of us who were sitting at opposite ends of a table, wearing some sort of head band attached to wires and sensors that measured our brain waves. The energy got stronger the more focused your were, and if you were more focused than who you were competing against, you pushed the ball towards them. That's pretty powerful stuff.

You've probably heard of quantum mechanics, if you haven't, simply put, it is a division of physics that deals with the smallest, fundamental particles that make up our amazingly mysterious universe. And that 'mystery' is most apparent when you study these particles as you soon find that they don't play by the same rules as larger particles. First seen as one piece, 'quarks', science realises that strings of energy make up everything - they make up the protons and neutrons of every nucleus. Also known as 'String Theory'. But now, they've also realised that these strings come in two shapes, a straight line and a 'U' shape. The 'U' shape embeds itself into a cell, telling it to turn into a baby's heart or a liver, or an elephant or a flower! The straight string wraps itself around the 'U' (making a quark), until you, by your thoughts and choice, cause the straight string to fly out of your cells, out of your energy field, and into the universe. Your strings obey your thoughts, and as like attracts like, other strings vibrating at the same frequency as your string, will join your string. At the critical mass - about 17 seconds of thinking/feeling that same way, as seen in MRI scans of the brain - your intentions, caused by your thoughts, emotions and actions, manifests. Whatever frequency your strings are vibrating at, is the frequency that therefore determines your reality.

So, good vibes, meaning good vibrations of your strings, will bring you more good vibrations, et voilà!

The universe reflects what you put out. You put out good vibes through positive thinking and feeling good - an overall positive energy, you'll see things all around you that reflect that, that amplify the feeling. 

Of course, it depends on what you believe. What you believe determines how you see the world.
If you don't believe this, then in your world, it isn't true. If you do, then in your world, it is.
Do your own research and come to your own conclusion! 

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"Positive Mind. Positive vibes. Positive life."



  1. As mentioned on Twitter, I loved this post, Vanisha. Always a pleasure to read your smart and thought provoking posts!!

    xoxo Ira

    1. I appreciate your feedback, Ira :) It's maybe a bit of an alternative way of thinking I guess, so I'm glad you liked it! <3