On the Road in Zambia

Three weeks of Summer 2013, I spent in the gorgeous continent of Africa. Seeing as it was where my Dad was born, it'd been a family holiday planned for as long as I can remember!
  We spent the first week in Zambia. I suppose every country is huge compared to England, but nonetheless, it never fails to amaze me. This vastness is why we decided to drive from place to place.
We were based in Lusaka, the capital, and by 'based', I mean we stayed two nights in a hotel there, then drove to Livingstone, staying in another hotel for one night, to visit the Victoria Falls, then it was back to Lusaka for another night, before heading to Ndola, where my Dad grew up and where we stayed the night in a lodge before finally heading back to Lusaka for one more night.
Zambia is huuge man! Traveling between these cities was an average of five hours! That's longer than it takes to drive from London to Wales! - you see why I say everywhere seems huge compared to here?
Anyway, this obviously meant that a lot of time was spent on the road. I've always thought road tripping is the best way to see a country, from quaint villages, quirky rest stops and street vendors selling all kinds of handmade items, to the most breathtaking scenery...
It gave me a quick glimpse into the lives of locals, some glimpses peaked my curiosity, others pulled at my heartstrings and most simply rendered me speechless.
So I've put together some of my favourite pictures taken whilst on the road in Zambia...












  1. Impresive, romantic photos of your roadtrip, Vanisha! Africa is high on my bucket list. ;) It's such a fascinating country with beautiful creatures and natural treasures. Lovely memories, dear! Thank you for sharing them with us. <3

    xoxo Ira

    1. Thank youu, Ira :) Oh its so beautiful there, so much open space, it feels very freeing! I hope you get to visit sooon! <3

  2. What awesome photos! They're giving me the travel bug *sigh* Lovely to learn a bit more about you, Vanisha, I'd so love to check out Zambia one day, it looks so free and untainted, and I will definitely keep a lookout for Damson :) and yes, I know what you mean, England does seem rather tiny when you go abroad lol, it's funny that you don't really think about it until you're out of the country, or at least I never did!

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. Thank you, Amanda! Hehe, go travel! You don't have to go abroad to travel, stay-cation till you vacation! Zambia is beautiful, so vast and freeing, makes you feel very grounded actually. Yes! Neither did I haha Hope you're having a great weekend, lovely :)x