Copenhagen's 42 Raw | A Vegan Restaurant

At first, when I booked my trip break to Denmark, I was under the impression it'd be difficult to find somewhere to eat in accordance to my chosen diet. I was pleasantly proven wrong and was happy to find there were actually quite a few different options in the small slice of Denmark I had the pleasure of visiting. They weren't too expensive at all either which was also a bonus because a lot of search results proved many other options to be otherwise. Of course, if there were no specifically vegan restaurants, I would have had to have made do with the 'is this vegan?' question, of course translated into Danish just in case, but it's so much easier to have the question answered without you needing to ask it, y'know?
Nyhavn was the best district for Vegan restaurants, with four options under a twelve minute walk from the canal, as well as all being under 100 DKK!
Seeing as I was only in Denmark for two nights, three days - one full day, I only got to try one of these, but it was so good, I tried it twice...

After losing my directions and getting really confused, I finally found Pilestræde and there it was! Phew. Cold and tired I walked into a beautiful contemporary setting that was 42 Raw. 

I instantly felt welcome, everyone looked happy and was so friendly. Despite me apparently being too cold to talk properly haha... I ordered the Raw Vegan Thai Noodles. 
I had barely been sitting for 5 minutes after hanging my coat and scarf up on the peg next to me and put down my things when my bowl of goodness arrived. Sat on my cushioned, wooden bench seat, I tucked into the first raw vegan meal I've ever tried. 
Well, I did take just a few photos first, of course ;)

It was so damn delicious! Every bite made me smile I swear. Such awesome vibes in this small cafe.

The next day I was to get the metro to the airport by about 3pm so I decided then and there, halfway through my meal that I'd come back on Saturday for brunch.

My salvage from the rain on Saturday morning was *sighs at the memory* an Acai Bowl topped with blueberries, coconut flakes, bananas, porridge oats and goji berries with a Matcha Milkshake...

Does pausing for dramatic effect still work in a blog post? 

So if you're ever in Copenhagen, vegan or not, I'd definitely recommend popping in, even just for a snack - cookies, cake, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, you won't regret it!



  1. Ahhhh, how awesome!!! Everything looks and sounds so good, Vanisha! This restaurant has such a HEALTHY menu. Would love to visit it one day!! Thank you for the tip, dear.

    xoxo Ira

    1. You'll love it there! It's such a chic, clean but cosy feel inside :)X