Perspective Is Weird

I get busy with nothing to do, yearning to be doing what I am
I am trapped in a place where I'm freer that I could ever be
The steps I trudge to a happy ending take me through familiar places I don't recognise
'Mustn't think negatively' I list on a to-do because I doubt I'll remember
Second-guessing my certainties yet following my confusion as if divine
'I know what to do', I say, repeating mistakes, laughing in frustration.

But turn your head and you're metaphorically sunning yourself in the Bahamas 24/7
Your favourite punchline is 'time' because it's all free and only you can choose how you spend your version of the concept
The smallest moments grow in significance
Your cleared mind's eye speaks for your entirety caught by the glimmer of that lining of silver that points to the freedom at your feet
The infinite universe is felt flowing through your very core, playing you la langue de l'amour, bringing you home to that infamous bright side 
Trees accompany your song, birds follow your footsteps
The bigger picture in permanent prominence because everything already is.

But, then again, you may turn away at my words being wrong
Laugh in frustration, firing ifs and buts at point blank range.

Perspective is weird.

All I know is, in this precise moment on this tiny planet in a modest planetary system on the tail end of a galaxy amoungst countless,
I'm happy.



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