Mandala Wall Art

'Oooh a mandala tutorial! ...But, why a mandala?' I pretend to hear you ask to excuse the fact I'm going to tell you regardless...well, there's a space on my bedroom wall that I want to fill with some sort of art and there's also a space on this blog, a DIY section, that I haven't updated in a while, so with the power invested in me, I married the two and shortly after the kiss, my pen had scrawled the words 'Mandala Wall Art'.
And then it got a bit excited and suggested 'cut outs' and '3D'. 
Right. Okay, let's just go with it...

So, what is a Mandala?

Obviously mandalas are super pretty but I also knew that they had some sort of spiritual connection. So I did a little surfing and found out that the word 'Mandala' means 'Circle'. It represents wholeness, a 'cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to infinity, beyond and within our bodies and minds'. The circular design symbolises the notion that life is never ending. They were used as a spiritual tool by Hindus first but nowadays, most people are familiar with the mandalas used by Buddhists. In meditation, they can be used to allow the individual to become one with the universe. Mandalas can also be used to tell a story of the individuals life or even reveal the path of their life(!)

I don't quite think mine has such deep meaning to it, but it does fit the typical intricate and symmetrical design..!

Different mandala colours have different symbolic meanings.
According to this website, their meanings are;

Red: strength, high energy, passion
Pink: love intuition, the feminine
Orange: creativity, transformation, self-awareness, intuition
Yellow: learning, wisdom, laughter, happiness
Green: physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature, caring
Blue: emotional healing, inner peace, meditation
Purple: all things spiritual
White: spiritual focus
Black: mystery, deep thinking, individuality

So without further 'I do' (haha!...no? I guess we're done with the marriage thing ;)), here is my take on this ancient piece of art...

How To: Mandala Wall Art

You Will Need: 

1 Sheet of Card
A pencil, ruler or compass, or you can print off a sheet of Polar Graph Paper
Paint (I used watercolour) and paintbrush
Some sort of adhesive

If you're using polar graph paper, go straight to step 2.

1. Take a sheet of card and start by drawing a large dot in the middle of it. 
Then use a ruler to mark more dots, one 1.8cm away, another 2.5cm away from that and a third a further 3.8cm away. If you have a compass, draw circles set roughly at 1.8cm, 4.3cm and 8.1cm, then go to step 2.
Draw dots at these distances on the other side of the centre dot as well as vertically and horizontally (45° to the horizontal).
Connect the dots as shown in the picture.

2. Then start drawing your mandala design! Let your imagination run wild! Be sure to draw double lines and shade in the area around them so that you know which areas to cut out afterwards.

3. Once you've finished your design, use your scissors to score the outline of the shaded areas, starting with the smaller areas first. If the area is too small to be cut out like this without compromising your design, then leave it and just paint it in a dark colour afterwards.
As I was cutting out, parts of the mandala stuck up naturally, helping with the 3D effect. (Check and check!)

4. Paint your mandala however you like, I went for purples, blue, red, black and a bit of green too...

Et voilà!

I thought of framing it or painting some sort of background for it but I like it better as is, especially because, though I intended this for my wall  it looks soo much cooler on the window!
The way the light highlights the silhouette of the Mandala, subtly hinting the colours and I looove it with the little windowsill crystal arrangement I've got going on!

Need to find something else for my wall now...




  1. Oh wow, I absolutely love this idea!
    I've been really interested in mandalas for a while now, given their meaning and also the intricate beauty of them. I was even considering one as a tattoo but that's perhaps a little too permanent...
    I may try this first off :)

    Thanks for sharing.


    KT xo.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! They're so beautiful aren't they? Haha yeah, maybe trying this first would be a better idea...a mandala tattoo would look so pretty though... :)x