Embody the Solution


Recently, I got a bit stuck because I believe if you focus on something, it sends energy towards that thing and pretty much makes it worse. I mean, that’s what everything essentially feeds on - energy. So if I focus on the problem, that’s me giving my energy to the problem, essentially feeding it.
So then how do I help solve the issue? Bury my head in the sand and not think about it?

I was going round and round in circles with this. I asked my mum but, no offense Mum, that didn’t help much. I wrote down my thoughts but it was a mess. I asked the internet and was drawn to one quote,
‘Acknowledge the problem then live in the solution’. Yes! Of course!

I’ve been signing petitions for a few years now and attended my first march last year with fellow like-minded humans all around the world.  So I think it’s time I move my focus more onto these solutions instead of ranting about the problems. I can’t be too hard on myself about that though because, well, with the media everywhere you look telling negative stories, the stories of which at some point someone must have found sell better...(I too am a sucker for a good television soap...) - there are so many things showing us the problems in the world but not as much, from what I can see in the mainstream, telling us of what we can do to help.
I think that if more people heard of different organisations and different ways they can help if they can’t currently donate, maybe these issues would get solved more easily because more people would be motivated to do a little something to help. 

And the more energy we give to the solution, the more the solution wins instead.
So seeing as mainstream media isn’t giving me what I want in terms of which people and organisations are helping these situations, I’ve done my own research and have put together a list of some beautiful, possibly lesser-known, people and organisations spreading the luurv, who I believe deserve more attention...

He's a psychologist and counselor who makes YouTube videos giving advice and spreading a positive message

A.k.a Yoga Girl. She found peace through yoga while living in Aruba and along with 2 others, she has co-founded an organisation called 109 World, encouraging and educating about the benefits of yoga and meditation for wellbeing as well as arranging social mission trips around the world for things like, setting up sustainable water systems in Nicaragua and helping children in Lativia who are deprived of a safe and loving environment. She is also a strong advocate for animal rescue.

He's a street performer in New York City, "By breaking down boundaries, I provide you, the viewer, with permission to open your mind and realize it’s okay to act silly from time to time"

I wrote about them here.

Global Justice Now
A social justice organisation, working as part of a global movement, challenging people in power to create a more equal and fair world.

Good News Network
Because there's still good stuff in the world too ;)

They aim to rid the world of plastic bottles. 

They sell jewellery, clothes, all sorts of accessories and water bottles with 10% of their net profits going towards Save the Elephants (and other causes).

Dedicated to tacking climate change.

Their mission is to put a stop to the illegal wildlife trade.  

Their mission is reconnect people with our planet and each other through planting trees "through urban greening and reforestation projects, spread environmental awareness and activate people through green festivals and workshops"

Founded by Miley Cyrus, they aim to rally young people to fight the injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and and other vulnerable populations. 

A sustainable luxury brand, selling accessories, clothing and homeware, who "don't sacrifice style for ethics"

They sell gorgeous IPhone cases made from natural/recycled rubber and bamboo with 25% of profits going towards the conservation of sea turtles.

A clothing brand that donates to helping critically endangered animals and for every five products sold, they adopt and endangered animal!

The company was simply founded to give back to animal shelters and charities; 10% of all sales goes the the Animal Foundation of America and Voices for Pets.

A tribe of amazing "activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and co-creating the future we know is possible", taking action to protect the Earth, Air, Water and Climate.

They raise funds and awareness for girls and women around the world, taking action to promote health, education and justice. 

They are the UK's largest organisation dedicating to taking action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world's poorest communities.

Stories Behind Things
An awesome Instagram account sharing gorgeous sustainable fashion, from thrift finds to ethical independent brands from all over the world,

So yes, there are issues in the world, different ones each day, but there are also solutions and I've found that if you turn your main focus onto them, onto that side of things, you'll actually see that these types of organisations are almost cropping up everyday, all over the world. People are standing up about all sorts of major issues and they're being heard - it doesn't matter how small or 'lesser-known' they are, every little bit is helping. And so you'll see that the world is actually heading in a very beautiful, loving, conscious and wholesome direction. 

'Be the change'



  1. I love this, Vanisha—I think that's an excellent quote to live by.

    In the moments when I find myself being frustrated by the world's problems, I remind myself that the frustration is important. Feeling negative, uncomfortable, or angry about issues is what drives people to recognize that something is wrong and something needs to change.

    Sharing the work of inspiring people and organizations is such an important part to spreading the message. Great post :)

    1. I'm so glad you thought so! Yeah, that's so true, frustration is probably the main catalyst for actually changing things. Thank you so much, Marie! :)x