February's Link| A Note From The Universe

Happy Leap Year!

Last month was an amazing song that makes me feel all sorts of feels.

          This month is something I'm signed up for| TUT Notes from the Universe

It's actually something I've been signed up to for about five years now!
When I was going through various personal things, I could always rely on an email in the morning to remind me of my worth, that I'm part of an amazingly magical Universe and to motivate me to never settle for anything less than my biggest dreams. 
Mike Dooley writes these personalised notes (including your name, goals etc) as if from the Universe itself (and in a way, depending how you look at it, they are...), to remind us of life's fundamental truths.
The main thing the notes have helped me with though, is reminding me I am more than enough as I am. And that's a beautiful thing in a world saying otherwise.

I have gotten to the stage now though, where I feel like I don't need them sent to me every morning. I feel five years of receiving them five days a week, is, well, the message has been heard! It felt strange to let go of quite a big part of my daily life though, so I set it so I'd recieve an email just once a week instead for now.
Because they've helped me so much, I thought I'd share it here...I mean, who doesn't want cute, encouraging emails telling you you're awesome?!

I used to keep my favourite ones but they've since been deleted so I don't have any specific examples but I think it might even be better to leave the specifics as a surprise for you! 
Signing up is completely free, just provide your email address (obvs) and name and whatever other information you provide is up to you, the more you provide, the more personal they'll be, and the next morning you'll have a lovely message waiting in your inbox!



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