March's Link| Binaural Beats

It's Spriiing!

Last month was something l I'm signed up for.

          This month is some meditative music| Positive Energy Binaural Beats

How have you been this eclipse season? All the feels, all the thoughts, a little bit starry eyed?
With all the jumble I was motivated to find something to help bring some calm.

 Binaural Beats were originally discovered in 1893. It was discovered that when two signals of two different frequencies are played one to each ear (so you will need headphones), your brain creates a third one, a binaural beat, equal to the difference between the those first two frequencies. This means that your brain will resonate in tune with the binaural beat it created,  causing brain activity in that particular frequency range.

I searched online and found a video with the words 'blissful' and 'positive' in the title - yes please and thank you, and bookmarked it to listen to before bed.
Except I completely forgot that night and instead, I found myself wide awake at 3am and after trying and failing to get back to sleep for over an hour, decided to listen to it.
It focused my energy so well! Wow, I woke up later particularly bright and happy, my mind felt so clear! Maybe it's because I don't meditate regularly and I'm not used to it? I don't know, either way I felt so refreshed and yeah, blissful...

So I thought I'd share it as this month's link, in the hope that this relaxing piece of meditative music will serve you as well as it did me! 



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