What Happens When You Go Vegan? - Five Months In

I've been vegan for about five months now and I'm already experiencing so many amazing changes in my life! 
Although it hasn't always been easy, I mean, it's a huge change to something that comes so natural - eating! I'm so glad I committed to that change last September.

Everyone's experiences are different, but for those of you who are thinking of going vegan - or those who are simply curious, I thought I'd share mine...

What Happens When You Go Vegan?

To You

- Responsibility and Self-love; making sure you're getting what your body needs, cooking each day, actively looking for new healthy products to try is more responsibility and self-control than I realised. In all honesty, at first I did feel left out seeing others enjoying foods I used to love, but it has gotten easier and I've found great alternatives. Now it feels awesome to be able to say 'no' to something and genuinely not want it.
Making sure you get enough nutrients is also very important - I found that while travelling, it obviously affects your mood and energy a lot but I definitely have a much better relationship with food now than when I've previously tried to cut things out or eat healthier. And I feel a sense of self-love when I take such care with what I'm feeding my body.

- Veganism has given me a new sense of self. Living in accordance to my beliefs in such a strong and obvious way has upped my confidence and encouraged me to stay true to myself more and more in many other aspects of my life too.

- More energy. I changed my diet gradually so it wasn't too much of a shock for my body and as my body adjusted, my energy levels started to go up too.

- My compassion for other living animals has grown a hell of a lot! I used to be quite scared of animals... maybe because my next-door neighbour's huge dog once jumped over the fence and chased me around our kitchen table when I was seven? Who knows? But I now automatically feel so much love when I see an animal (- as opposed to, like, mild fear...)

- Healthier skin and hair. Yaaaas. My skin feels softer and looks 'fuller', 'alive' - well hydrated? I'm not quite sure how to describe it exactly, but it definitely looks better! As for my hair, I used to regularly use hair oil when I was younger but kind of, just stopped. Now my diet is my 'hair oil' ha! It's stronger, shinier and the natural browns in it are easier to see, yay!

- Going vegan is like discovering a new world...There is a huge, beautiful and conscious community you find yourself in when you become vegan. So many people sharing recipes and tips. So full of love! Plus, there are soo many foods, particularly so-called 'superfoods', which I hadn't heard of before as well as alternatives and substitutes for almost everything, of which I still discover more and more everyday, particularly when baking, it's amazing!

To Animals

- According to PETA, every vegan effectively saves nearly 200 animals a year.

To the World

- According to LivingGreenMag, each vegan reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1.5 tons per year.

- Save water; a vegan diet requires 300 gallons of water a day compared to 4000 gallons for a meat-eating diet.

- Lessening land degradation - 30% of the Earth's land mass is used for raising animals for food leading to deforestation and non arable land.

- Save energy; according to VegNews, producing animal-based protein requires 8% more energy than producing plant-based protein.

- Help's reduce world hunger; 700 million tons of human-grade food, each year, could go to humans instead of into animal agriculture.

Amazing huh? Committing to this change to my diet was one of the best decisions I've ever made. You'd think cutting out so much from your diet would be quite arduous, but by lessening the demand for animal products, you're not only helping animals, you're also helping the environment, plus with all the amazingly healthy food now in my everyday diet and it's impact on me, like my hair getting stronger and my skin softer, I get rewarded too! Love all round!

Whether or not you're thinking of going vegan I hope this post has satisfied your curiosity or helped with your decision!



  1. So many benefits of turning vegan! Definitely worth a thought, Vanisha! <3

    xoxo Ira