What's Your Point?

Curiosity has brought me joy and excitement.
It's taught me to find different angles in both my everyday thinking and my creative processes.
But  - you could tell a 'but' was coming, right?
- sometimes all these questions, all my questions, suddenly become redundant, when the simplest of answers finally graces me with its longed for presence.
It's like, taking the scenic route...
but not all scenes are pretty,
sometimes you find yourself in a frame that could've come from that creepy film with that creepy doll in that creepy house those handsome faces decided would be fun to explore
and all you can do is ask, why?

What even started me on this path?

I have no qualms about thinking or being deep, evidently that is a major part of who I am, I just wonder is there's ever a too deep, a completely unnecessary detour through a waffling speech that would make an exam marker strike their red pen all over your words in that guilty pleasure of passive aggression.

Well, here's my confession,
sometimes it tires me, sometimes it frustrates me...
I'm dillying down winding paths, dallying up neverending hills and when I get to the point, I can still see the start line preceding a route my mind deemed simply enough to overlook.
A route that could've spared me a nerve or two.

Maybe I think too much.
Maybe it's habitual.
Maybe I'm just not used to expressing my thoughts to someone who doesn't wish I'd get to the point as much as I do.
Or, maybe I've yet to successfully apply my love for wandering to all my wondering...

At the end of the day though, when I sort through my creative, curious and, on occasion, confusingly crammed mind, whether I'm glancing over my shoulder and quickening my pace, or spinning around arms out the the side,
my eyes are bright.



  1. Great post! very inspirational. thanks for sharing :)

    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie