8 Yoga Poses to Feel Empowered

Whether you've had a bad day, you need a little motivation or Mercury's in retrograde... it's nice to have something that can help both release the tension and make you feel like the kick-ass goddess being that you are!
So here are 8 yoga poses that will help give you a sense of self again!
Plus, you'll look pretty cool doing them...

When doing the poses, breathe from your abdomen and ensure that you go at you own pace and to your own ability (you'll see later on I had help from a pile of compost bags for my headstand), don't worry about what you think yoga poses are 'supposed' to look like or about getting a pose 'perfect', that's not what yoga is about.
Yoga is about letting go and finding and doing what feels good!

Lions Pose/Simhasana

Bring your big toes together, keeping your knees wide and sitting back on your heels.
Place your palms in front of you and turn them so that your fingertips are pointing behind you. Spread your fingers.
Inhale deeply through your nose then to exhale, open your mouth wide, sticking your tongue out and curling it toward the chin, open your eyes wide looking toward your third eye and contract the muscles in the front of your throat exhaling slowly with a distinct 'ha' sound.
Do this about 5 times (or more, its fun!).

Benefits; Relieves tension in face and chest, improving blood circulation to the face. Stimulates the nerves, keeping eyes healthy and firms the platysma. Helps prevent sore throat, asthma and other respiratory ailments. May help with bad breath and is said to eradicate disease (!)

Side Plank Variation/Vasisthasana

Start in plank pose with your shoulders over your wrists and your fingers spread. Bring your feet together and move your left hand to the middle. Then roll onto the 'pinkie edge' of your left foot and place your right foot on top. Keep your feet flexed as your open out pointing your right hand to the ceiling (or sky). Once your feel you are balanced, bring the right foot to rest (not press) against the left leg.

Then repeat on the opposite side.

Benefits; Strenghthens arms, belly, legs and wrists. Stretches the backs of the legs and improves balance.

Wild Thing/Camatkarasana

Firstly, how cute is that name?! This is one of my favourite poses but it's a little hard to explain just with words, so to ensure you do it safely,
check out this video.

Benefits; Opens throat, chest, lung and shoulders areas. Opens the hip flexors and strengthens the shoulders and upper back.

Crescent Lunge/Anjaneyasana
From your lunge, keep your legs strong as you move your hands to your waist and slowly lift up on an inhale.
Then reach your hands overhead, palms facing each other, and lean back according to your own ability ensuring you don't over-arch your lower back. Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor and reach back through your left heel. Look towards your thumbs but make sure you keep your ribs drawn down and into the torso (don't press them forward).

Repeat on the other side!

Benefits; Strengthens things, quads and gluteus muscles. Opens up chest, lung and shoulder areas. Improves balance.

Dancer's Pose/Natarajasana

Start in mountain pose.Shift your weight to your left leg then lift your right heel toward your bum, bending at the knee. Lift your left knee cap to keep your left leg straight and strong. Reach your right hand round to grasp your foot. Actively lift your pubis toward your navel whist pressing your tailbone toward the floor so as not to compress your lower back.Then slowly start to lift your right foot up and back and stretch your left arm forward, parallel to the floor.

Repeat on the other side.

 Benefits; Strengthens shoulders, chest, legs and ankles. Stretches thighs, groin and abdomen. Improves balance.

Upward Salute/Urdhva Hastasana
Slowly straighten your legs and reach your arms up overhead, bringing your palms together, bending back as far as is comfortable, pressing into all four corners of the feet and gazing towards the sky in an upward salute
Stay here for a few breaths.

Benefits; Stretches the belly, improves digestion, strengthens the shoulders and armpits and can also help to relieve mild anxiety.

  Tree Pose/Vrksasana

Shift your weight to your left foot, pressing into all four corners of the feet, keeping your pelvis tucked in and lengthening down through the back of your spine. Slowly lift your right leg up and catch it with your hands. Stay here for a few breaths before moving your foot to press into your inner thigh (or instead your can bring your foot to your the side of your lower leg, against your ankle with your big toe resting on the floor, or even the front of your left hip if your trying to avoid muddy trainers ;)) your left thigh pressing back into your foot. Bring your hands to your chest, keeping your heart lifted or bring your hands together overhead.
Stay here for 5-10 breaths.

Then Repeat on the other side.

Benefits; Strengthens thighs, calves, ankles and spine. Stretches groin, inner thighs, chest and shoulders. Improves balance.


Yes, I was talking about that stack of compost bags. Once I'm up I'm fine but I still need a bit of help actually getting up there haha
I included it here because of all these poses, holding headstand is definitely the most empowering for me.
However, I don't feel I can personally give detailed directions on how to do it, so I leave you with one of my favourite yogis and her tutorial.

Benefits; Tones the upper body, strengthens the core, improves digestion and strengthens arms and spine. Due to the blood flow to the head, it also stimulates brain function and is great for the face, acting a little like a facemask - just don't stay in a headstand for too long, even the most advanced yogis don't stay in headstands for much longer than a few minutes.




  1. I can't wait to give these a go! Yoga is such a great way to relax and hey, we could all do with a little motivation boost sometimes :) thanks so much for sharing these, Vanisha! And you look super cool doing them! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. Hehe why, thank you :) You'll love them, it feels so good afterwards! X

  2. I really want to start yoga so maybe one day I'll be able to complete that head stand!


  3. You really should, it's so great for the both the body and mind! :)