Our minds have a duality to them - when you think a good thought, you also think a bad thought, just you won't always recognise both because you automatically choose only one to focus on, based on your thinking habits.
(Think Yin and Yang, bad in the good and good in the bad).

Of course sometimes our minds are so muddled it doesn't feel anywhere near as simple as it sounds when all those people tell you that you 'choose happiness', but fundamentally, yes, that is the case, as whether subconscious or not, your dominant thoughts determine what you see, or which side you see...the happy side or the sad side.

I realised that this is very similar to when a photographer 'sees a photo'. I myself see frames, I see a little square of a pretty picture. The bits around it aren't necessary to that frame but that's okay because I can just crop that stuff out when I go to edit the photo. I can make the photo look exactly as I want it to, just like our thoughts make the world around us look exactly as we want - or what we don't want, depending on what our dominant thoughts are i.e. we've been focusing on at the time. 

So putting the two approaches together, I've created these visual representations, of all the things you can cut out, the things you can (with practise) choose not to focus on or the things you deem irrelevant to your picture...



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