May's Link| Vegan on the Cheap

There is green absolutely everywhere right now and I love it.
Well, in between sticky retrograde vibes that is.

Last month was an article.

          This month is a Tumblr post | Vegan on the Cheap!

One of the misconceptions about veganism - and healthy eating in general really, is that it's too expensive. I mean, with cheap fast food restaurants mainly specialising in meat-filled burgers, it's understandable how that thought came about, where are the vegan drive-throughs? Vegans can be lazy too! To be fair though, in the majority of restaurants the healthier option is often more expensive than that four cheese pizza...

Quite a few people I've had the pleasure of getting to know recently, have expressed how they want to be vegan but they currently don't feel they can afford to be. I wondered that too at first, but in actual fact, my weekly shop pretty much just consists of fruit, nuts, veggies, mylk, sweet potatoes, maybe a couple of nakd bars or soy yoghurts. Things like beans/lentil tins, granola, cous cous, quinoa, chia seeds, pastas, tins and rice can be bulk-bought and last a while in the cupboard, so usually get topped up maybe once every one-two months or so. Other than that, I will sometimes buy some (n)ice-cream, the supplements I take last ages, I don't like tofu much and I'm allergic to avocados... that's pretty much the kind of shopping list I had as a meat eater, just with a few more vegetables and tins replacing the meat.

Of course, the cost of vegan foods depends on the area you live in - supply and demand etc (- if I can remember my GCSE business lessons properly). As well as that, there are obviously many other reasons why someone may not be able to go vegan (and thrive on the diet). But if financial reasons are what is keeping you from changing your diet, this Tumblr post, with it's long list of various links to blogs, articles, meal plans and tips for how to eat more affordably but well on a vegan diet, could help make veganism more accessible to you, if you're interested.



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