Turning A Scarf Into A Kimono

I'm definitely more of an 'only wear a scarf if it's cold' kind of girl.
I've two scarves to fit this purpose, one slightly thinner, but that thinner scarf doesn't do the job very well, I mean, I only wore it, maybe, three times this past winter... I don't want to get rid of it though because it's a nice scarf!
Whilst looking for upcycling ideas, the word 'kimono' caught my eye, so naturally, things got heated and one thing led to another... now I give you my own tutorial for how to upcycle a scarf into a kimono!

How To: Turn A Scarf Into A Kimono


You Will Need: 

A Scarf
Needle and thread
Sewing pins
Measuring tape

You may want to wrap your scarf around yourself to double check it's big enough but my tutorial should be fine for smaller scarf sizes too.

1. Fold your scarf in half (~that rhymes!), and lay it on the floor. If your scarf has tassels, make sure the tassels are at the bottom and everything is lined up properly.

2. Pin the bottom.

3. Re-position the scarf so that the bottom now run down the middle. Again make sure everything is aligned properly and use your measuring tape to make sure the bottom is definitely running down the middle.

4. Iron your scarf, smooth out creases and define the edges.

5. Next measure about 7 inches for the neck hole at the top of the scarf, so 3.5 inches either side of the middle, and pin it so you'll know where to sew up to.

6. Cut a slit down the side, using the ironed edge as a guideline. Then sew! Sew from along the top up to your pin.
Repeat on the other side.

7. Measure the half way point down the side of the scarf and put a pin in to mark where that is. Then, again using the ironed edge as a guideline, cut down the side from the top to the pin. This is why we cut the slit before sewing, so that cutting down the side wouldn't mean cutting the part you've sewed.
Repeat this on the other side.

8. Now you need to cut your neck hole. It can be rounded or v-neck but go down about 5.5 inches starting from where you pinned. It's easier to cut one side first, then place the cut out on top of the other side to use as a guideline, so that both sides are symmetrical.
And make sure you only cut the top layer, not both!


9Now you can remove all your pins, turn the kimono inside-out (to hide the sewing) and you're done!
Although you may want to tidy up the edges you cut - just fold the edges over a little, iron it flat and sew.




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