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A small, weekly recipe box business, started just last year in the UK, Mindful Chef simply aims to make healthy eating easy! Their recipes contain no refined carbs or sugars and are all gluten free. There are two types of meals you can order for nationwide delivery, 'plant based' for us vegans, from £6 per meal and 'classic', containing meat or fish, from £7 per meal. The recipes from week to week are always different but the 'mindful' aspect never changes - the ingredients used are all from organic and sustainable farms. As well as that, all the materials used for the packaging are recyclable and re-usable!

Because it is currently a small business, it is very 'human', meaning, when I order I am frequently updated with where my order is at the moment, the one hour time slot it will be delivered in, the name of the driver delivering it and where the package was left if I wasn't in. You can change delivery details after the item has been dispatched, which is what I did, I sent a quick message saying where to leave it. Plus, any questions you may have are responded to straight away!

You must choose at least two meals - out of three for the plant-based box, and you can choose whether you are ordering for one or two people. They recieve the produce at the weekend then deliver the boxes usually on the Monday of the following week but you can choose a Sunday evening delivery time too. Because the produce comes straight from suppliers and are void of any unnatural preservatives, it'll last till roughly the end of that working week.
All their recipes take about 20-30 minutes.

One of the meals I ordered was Buckwheat with carrot, pomegranate, griddled courgette and harissa chickpeas!
It comes with a beautiful recipe card and even details how to serve it.
The step to step instructions were very easy to follow and the simplicity of it all was awesome, no extra packaging - no frills! Just a plain brown paper bag, sealed with a sticker that was coloured to match the corresponding recipe card.

Now to the most important bit, the taste! Well, firstly, yum. Haha it was soo delicious! Flavoured by the harissa paste and molasses, then a little bit of salt and pepper, it enhanced the natural flavours of the yummy veggies in there, the sweetness balancing everything out. I'm honestly so impressed by how something that looks so simple, can pack such flavour!
A lot of thought, a lot of mindfulness has undeniably gone into everything about this company.



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