Decorating Plant Pots with Homemade Paper Clay

You know those times where you need to find a nice way to decorate the plant pots you just bought, preferably with things you already have lying around the house? No? Well neither did I till a few weeks ago...

I have just been introduced to the world of 'paper clay'. Maybe I've been living under a rock but I had no idea you could make clay out of paper. So I took my new found discovery and created these pretty cute looking plant pots!

How To: Decorate Terracotta Plant Pots with Homemade Paper Clay


You Will Need: 

Shredded or Torn Paper - the smaller the pieces the better (about two handfuls)
2 Tbsp Plain Flour or Baby Powder
3 Tbsp Salt
About 3 Tbsp Glue
1 Tbsp Water
Terracotta Plant Pots

1. Place your paper in a large bowl and fill it with warm water, just enough to cover all the paper. Mix in 1 Tbsp of Salt and leave it for at least a few hours (overnight is best).

2. Squeeze out all the water from the paper and carefully break it apart, making sure there are no large chunks.

3. Add your Flour and Glue and mix.
Then add your remaining Salt and Water.
Mix until a dough is formed.

4. Break off pieces of the dough a press onto a Plant Pot, trying to get is as smooth as possible, going all the way up to the rim.

5. Carve shapes into the clay or shape little bits of clay and stick them on.

The clay on the pot will become 'un-sticky' in about 30 minutes so it's best to do one pot at a time.

Wrap the remaining clay in clingfilm. It can be stored in the fridge for a few months!

6. Leave the pots to dry completely overnight, then paint!
I used watercolour paints which worked really well because I could layer the colours to match the uneven texture of the clay.




  1. This looks so cool, and I love the step by step photos! Unfortunately, I don't have much of a green thumb, and all of my plants usually end up dying...

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    1. Thank you, Jackie! Haha try succulents! They prefer to get their water from the air so you wont need to water so often ;)