Ebook Series| A Quick Guide for Complete Newbies

A couple of weeks ago, a train of thought led me to scramble around in the dark for a pen and paper. Okay, to be fair I do do this a lot, yet this time when I read back the scrawl on a scrap of envelope the next morning, I still liked the idea enough to bring it to life!

And so, I introduce to you my Ebook Series, A Quick Guide for Complete Newbies

AQGCN are books full of knowledge I've gained about various things I enjoy that wouldn't been useful to know when I first started. These quick and easy reads, containing the top ten things I feel are essential to know along with facts, figures, tips and tricks, are aimed to help anyone who is looking yo start these activities, getting you off to the best start possible!

Each guide can be bought on Amazon for $4.99/£3.44
and this post will be updated whenever another book comes out!


'A quick and easy 10-part guide to help you transition to veganism as smoothly as possible'

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