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I hope the Sun is shiiiining where you are! As I write this, the sky is but a blanket of grey...

Last month was a Tumblr post.

          This month is a Youtube channel | StyleLikeU

For me, one of the most empowering things is simply dressing how I feel. Dressing in a way that reflects me as a person and me as I am feeling at the moment (regardless of what's in at the moment, or gender roles or whatever else might be stopping me from wearing what I want).
It's awesome, it's like saying 'this is me' without opening your mouth.
It's acknowledging the fact that your body is for you.

I found this channel a couple of weeks ago, it'd been in my suggestions for a while, so I finally clicked and I'm so glad I did! Created by a mother and daughter, StyleLikeU ask a wide variety of interviewees to dress in a way that reflects who they are, before asking them questions about their style, how it may have changed, body confidence, how they express themselves, all as they remove items of clothing, ending up in just their underwear. It's so simple and so beautifully done. The power that comes from the raw interviews is just so inspiring! Each and every one I've watched is so unique yet relatable in so many ways. And despite ending up in their underwear, there's a bit of a juxtaposition going on because by the end of the interview they're feeling empowered rather than vulnerable.

StyleLikeU's main aim is to empower people to accept and express their true selves through their style while at the same time, honouring how style is not just the clothes you wear.



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