July's Link| How to Avoid Your Inner Critic

I'm a taaaad late here...but trust me, the wait for the right link to share was worth it!

Last month was a Youtube Channel.

          This month is a Youtube video| How to Avoid Your Inner Critic

Overall, July was pretty much a month of cleansing myself of bad habits once and for all and ensuring I approach new ones from a place of inner peace, love for life and childlike longing to just have fun!
I realised that all those bad habits pretty much all stemmed from just the one, the case of letting your inner critic win.

I consider Ralph one of my mentors as his videos have taught me and helped me understand so much. So I was so excited when I read this title as it was exactly what I was working on!

What I love about this video is that not only does he give amazing tips to help you stop letting your inner critic take control of your mindset, he also explains how the inner critic isn't a bad thing. This resonated so well with me because I find my inner critic can be useful but if I let those thoughts go round and round, it's no longer quite so helpful...

Now each time my inner critic pipes up, I don't bat the thought away in denial or unhesitatingly agree with it and feel bad about myself, I instead try to accept the thought. take something positive from it then let it go.
So far, so good!



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