August's Link| The Vagina Monologues

Woops, is it September?

Last month was a Youtube video.

          This month is an episodic play| The Vagina Monologues

Have you heard of it? I heard of it a while ago but didn't really look into what exactly it was about until, well yesterday. The Vagina Monologues was written and performed by Eve Ensler and premiered in 1996. It has been made into a book (which after watching I'll definitely invest in) but I loved watching her actual performance (the HBO television version now uploaded to Youtube) because she's so passionate with it! And now when I read, I can do so in that same way.

TVM is exactly as advertised by the title, a series of monologues about people with vaginas' (Eve wrote about the trans-inclusivity of it here) relationships with their vaginas. Gosh even typing this feels weird, it's just something not often talked about openly, which is exactly why Eve started this. She interviewed a wide variety of cis women all over the world about their relationships with their genitals as a way to empower them to reclaim and embrace this part of themselves as well as all the associations with it.
By that, I mean the concept of virginity, the word slut, how being a pussy means being weak and how the word cunt, though it has a completely innocent origin, is often considered one of the most offensive words in the English language.

Even twenty years and multiple adaptations later, this piece is still relevant, still empowering and still so necessary in the bid to end violence against people with vaginas.

'My body is a temple and I'm the God it was built for'- Savannah Brown



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