Following Astrology

I guess, fittingly with Mercury going direct again today, I wanted to write about the astrologers I like to follow to keep, more or less, up to date with planetary goings on.

I used to be someone who didn't take astrology seriously. Maybe because all I had to go on was the occasional mystic meg column which I read for laughs. Growing up as a self-proclaimed atheist, if something didn't have scientific support, I dismissed it. Plus, whenever I looked at descriptions of a so-called Taurus woman, it was nothing like me! - turns out I was just being stubborn, a typical trait of said Taurus woman... in fact, looking at the description more closely, 'Taurus' is the first label (there are a lot when you're a 1st/2nd gen immigrant) that has been given to me, that I've actually felt akin with...

Even as I started to delve more and more into all things spiritual, which I feel actually compliments scientific theories quite beautifully, and pondered the universe in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, astrology was still something I was apprehensive in exploring due to the stigma I'd given it and what I'd previously learned about cognitive biases. It wasn't actually till earlier this year that I came across a daily reading which was scary-accurate to how I was feeling that day. This continued to happen, I'd feel some sort of way, then come across a reading that specifically reflected that whilst scrolling down my Instagram feed (I follow a lot of people who follow astrology). The resonation I felt with these readings was too strong to ignore, regardless of scientific backing, so I finally started delving into astrology myself.
It's not only comforting to know I'm not the only one experiencing certain things but it also helps me understand my feelings better instead of automatically over-analysing everything.

These particular astrologers give specific and accurate information (in my opinion), above all though, they all resonate really well with me.

Kaypacha Lescher

On his Youtube Channel, he shares a weekly 'Pele Report', with a chart showing exact positions of the planets this week and what this may mean for us, both individually and globally, then ends with a short, poetic mantra. He has usually posted a video by Thursday or Friday morning.

 Aquarius Nation

On her Instagram, KV shares daily affirmations and full energy readings as well as Full Moon readings for each sign. There is rarely a reading that doesn't resonate with me so every morning I check her feed for a mantra for the day and towards the end of the day, check back for the full reading. The time difference does mean though, that the full reading may not be available to me in the morning anyway, but the mantra usually is. The reading for my sign is not only very specific and always on point, but it feels comforting and gives me hope because it resonates so well with how I'm feeling and what I want. KV does say though that there is a three day span for the readings, everyone is on there own cycle and so if a reading doesn't resonate with you, check the previous one or wait for tomorrow's. She'll also give energy updates whenever she gets a strong message come through. My mum was recently going through some seemingly out of the blue experiences earlier this month, that were weighing quite heavily on her. I was inspired to look up the reading for her sign and it was genuinely amazing how closely it described what she was going through!


Their website has all things astrology, including daily, weekly and monthly readings for each sign. I've subscribed to recieve a weekly reading in my inbox which will describe the positions of the planets and how that relates to my sign. I don't really look at the daily readings here, just the monthly - which I'll check back to occasionally and the weekly, which I leave in my inbox just in case I want to check something - as the readings are weekly, I don't often resonate with them until a couple of days into the week.

The Numinous

I'm a regular reader of The Numinous and not just for the astrology - there are all kinds of posts to do with spirituality in the modern world which are so interesting to read!
Each week there is an astrology post containing details of planetary positions and what this means for each sign as well as a second post describing how in general (regardless of sign) you'll likely be feeling each day that week. Other than that, if there is a significant astrological event happening during the week, they'll be further posts about it, what this could mean for each sign, what it could mean in general etc... As I follow Ruby on Instagram as well, if there is a new post I'll see it on there and give it a read if it interests me, as for the weekly astrology readings I'll check back if I feel the need to.

With all readings though, I usually take the negative stuff with a pinch of salt and the positive stuff I embrace (I mean, who doesn't like hearing that this week could bring you an awesome opportunity?) - I know negative things are a natural and necessary part of life, but if my horoscope has foretold something negative, I'm not going to walk around scared and on the other hand, there's no harm in getting excited for something positive, you know?
As always though, just go with what resonates best with you! 



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