September's Link| On Solitude: A Slam Poem

I feel this September has come around so quickly
I feel like I'm in such an amazing place though, I know September is basically the month of new starts (oh, apart from January, of course), but this time the new start I'm talking about feels huge compared to previous September new starts. And not just personally, but globally.
Change is in the air and I love it.

Last month was an episodic play.

          This month is a slam poem| On Solitude: A Slam Poem

I love being alone. I like my own company.
And that doesn't mean I prefer my company over others nor does it mean I'm shy or narcissistic...

The word 'alone' is so often seen as a negative thing.
I've been looked at strangely on many occasions when I say I'm doing something on my own -
whether it be traveling alone, going to the cinema alone or eating out alone, one of the first questions I'm asked is, 'Who are you going with?'.
Even simply saying 'I want to be alone' implies you're in a bad mood.

Often all the things we watch, read and listen to's ideas can replace our own, which is the main reason I like solitude, it's a break from that bombardment of others' thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Of course we can learn a lot from other people - what's the saying? 'Everyone you meet knows something you don't?' - but there comes a point where it's just information overload!
There's also a sort of magic that comes with being by yourself that I struggle to define (hence the description 'magic'), which is why I adore this Slam Poem by Cami Petyn, she puts into words, so eloquently, the often overlooked beauty of solitude.



  1. I love this! I love being alone and people don't understand why, I just love the peace and quiet and I can hear myself think! x

  2. Oh that's a brilliant slam poem. It's true, I'm always asked who I'm going with but I really love my alone time! We can all do with a bit of alone time.
    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com

  3. Absolutely brilliant! x

  4. I love this! I really love poems and this is so relatable X