What is 'Enough'?

I'm currently sitting on the top of a hill in the middle of the countryside. Apart from the occasional jogger, dog walker or cyclist, I am all alone - if you don't count animals and nature that is. Anyone who passes does so with a big smile and a friendly 'hello', the weather is lovely, there are blackberry bushes behind me, I've a pen and paper, am in comfortable clothing, the view is gorgeous and most importantly (to me) I've a device with which to take photos - I've been here over an hour so many have been taken ;)

Right here, right now, this is enough.

But what does that mean? And why was I just earlier today feeling otherwise?

Today's society is heavily influenced by a mainstream media that promotes particular ideals and profits off of the insecurity it causes people to feel for not living up to those ideals. I mean, how would businesses make money if we were completely happy with what we already had? I was wondering though, does this need to be, do and have more, come entirely from this type of media? What would society be like if mainstream media didn't exist as it does? Would we stop wanting more?

Honestly, I don't think so. I could easily sit up here for another few hours but at some point, I know I'll get bored. Yes, right now it's enough but at some point I think I'd like something other than foraged blackberries to eat and when I do, sitting here as I am now will no longer feel like enough.

This is the same in other areas of my life where I question my enoughness.
My physical appearance, (I actually wrote a guest post about my relationship with my body here)(NEW LINK), I'm happy with how my bum looks but I'd love it to be a little more gravity-defying or despite being confident in my skin overall, my abs aren't showing (anywhere near lol) as much as I'd like them to.
With productivity, I can be satisfied with all I've done today, but of course tomorrow there will always be more things to do.
Then there's that (very accurate) stereotype of a girl standing in front of her overly-filled wardrobe saying 'I don't have anything to wear!' which is something I do quite often...

My point is, what I qualify as being, doing and having 'enough' is ever-changing. Which is not only completely natural but inevitable. Change is the only constant in the universe. The thing is, when I feel short of 'enough' in whatever area of my life, it promotes a feeling of lack and insecurity which obviously doesn't feel good, isn't true nor do I feel like it's a healthy mindset - seeing as whatever goals you are reaching for will always change as soon as you reach them. I can't let such external factors be intrinsic to my happiness.

So, I think it's time I go with the flow of things and change my mindset.

'Perfection is not a final state. It is a state of mind. There are ten thousand states of mind'
- Frederick Lenz



  1. Lovely post! This has really made me think 💕

  2. Loved this, it really made me question what is enough for me!


  3. This is such a lovely post! x

  4. This really made me think. What a great post! x