My Body Is MY Home

This is my home.
I've decorated it with, well the human word is 'scars' but I prefer, 'the choices I've made, the experiences I've had and some of my best accomplishments'.
There are squishy parts and hard parts and smooth parts and hairy parts.
I love them all.
I hang up patterned fabrics here and there, sometimes some shaped metal or colourful beads and occasionally I paint things too.
I dance in my home, I sing, I run, I explore, I laugh, I hug... and I always fuel it well so that I can dance and sing and run and explore and laugh and hug some more!

Patriarchal views often knock on my door.
For a long time I'd always let them in and stayed quiet while they sat in my living room, looking me up and down with judging eyes.
They told me hurtful things, but it's rude to ignore someone, isn't it?
Plus, I kind of understood where they were coming from.

Recently though, I've learned that if it feels hurtful like that, it's okay to close the door in their faces, to cut them off mid-sentence.
Just like it's okay that my decor isn't the same as someone else's and that sometimes the ceiling leaks, the floors creak, the heating won't work and there are still some renovations I'm working on.
It's okay because, well, because I say it is.

Afterall, I'm the one living here.



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