November's Link| Ethical Market

Woke up to frost this morning for the first time this season! That's it, bring on the mince pies baby!

Last month was an article.

          This month is an Online Shop | Ethical Market

Ethical Market is an online platform, created in 2013, for ethical brands to sell their products.
There are a number of 'ethical labels' shown alongside each product - of which each company must have at least one - including, vegan, hand made, organic, chemical free, sustainable and energy conscious.

As well as that, the range of products is pretty extensive, clothing and accessories, home decor, tableware, health and beauty, stationary, a zodiac and constellation section! (where ma stargazers at?!!) plus a Christmas section which I've had a lot of fun (...maybe too much?) (- nah) shopping in these past few days.

What I love most about this site is the transparency. As someone trying to become more of a conscious shopper, I've found that a lot of research is needed to find out exactly how products have been made or how the different materials used were obtained or exactly what kind of 'ethical' a company means etc... Of course I am always willing to do this research but as someone who is also lazy (I can't remember the last time my bedroom floor didn't have clothes on it), it's so much easier to just have clear labeling about the product and brand!

Right, I'm off to loosen some purse strings...



  1. I love the idea of this market! I usually get all my produce from farmer's markets so as to get locally grown, organic fruits and veggies!