Wire-Wrapping Crystals

I believe that everything is fundamentally made of energy. In crystals, the energy is very pure, balanced and strong. This is why crystals are used to heal or while meditating because just like how being around positive people makes you feel good, being around the pure (and very positive/high) energy of a crystal can also benefit you.

I've been collecting crystals for over a year now, I love them so much but I'd love even more to keep them near me on the go! I do have some gorgeous rose quartz earrings and a lovely hematite bracelet but I wear necklaces and chokers most often, so I thought I'd give finally give wire-wrapping a go...

How To: Wire-Wrap Crystals


You Will Need: 

Beading Wire
Necklace/Choker Chain

1. Cut two 8-10 inch pieces of the beading wire and lay one on top of the other.

2. Twist the bottom wire around the top about 5 times.

3. Place the crystal on top of the twisted part.

4. Bring the arms of the wire around the crystal, repeatedly twisting two together and spreading the arms in different directions to wrap the crystal. Make sure you've wrapped it enough to keep the crystal in place and try to end up with the excess wire together at the top of the crystal.

5. With the longest wire create a loop then wrap all the wires around the bottom of the loop.

6. Thread your necklace or choker chain through the loop et voilà!




  1. Crystals indeed provide a different kind of mental therapy. I simply love playing with crystal balls all the time at home. Thanks for this unique way of keeping them near always.

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