About Me

I created Purely as an aid to my exploration of mind, body and soul.
Not only do I find the activity enjoyable, but juxtaposing my so-called epiphanic moments of clarity with pretty sounding words (just about) and pretty looking pictures has also turned out to be rather therapeutic.
Instead of looking back and cringing, as seems to be a natural reflex, or getting lost in the romance of the future, as a stubborn girl with a lust for depth, it helps me embrace the messiness of growing up.

Purely is for travel, photography, recipes, diys, reviews, yoga, conscious living... and whatever else takes my fancy enough to warrant a post or two.
Above all though, Purely is a space that encourages finding and grooving as the current, rough around the edges version of yourself!

My name is Vanisha, a 20-something, ever-curious and most likely talking to the moon...

Welcome to Purely!

Last updated: 11/09/17